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Feather Banner Base Options

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Introducing our extensive range of feather banner bases, carefully designed to cater to all your display needs, whether indoors or outdoors. At Flags Ireland, we understand the importance of having the right base to ensure stability and visibility for your feather banners. Explore our diverse selection to find the perfect match for your specific requirements.

Cross Base Options:

  1. Economic Cross Base (1.3KG): An affordable and lightweight option with a plain spindle, suitable for Mini, Small, and Medium feather banners.

  2. Premium Cross Base (4.2KG): This high-quality base comes with a rotating spindle and 4 metal pegs and bag. It is ideal to use with our Mini, Small, Medium, and Large feather banners. Additional weight options like Water Tanks and the 10KG Concrete base without a spindle can be added for outdoor or high-traffic locations.

Ground Spike Base Options:

  1. Simple Ground Spike Base (0.94KG): A robust and quick-to-install option for soft ground, suitable for all sizes of feather banners.

  2. Standard Ground Spike Base (0.93KG): Crafted from quality silver metal with a rotary spindle, perfect for use on soft grounds like parks and school grounds.

  3. Screw Ground Spike Base (1.2KG): A strong and easy-to-use option with a rotary spindle, ideal for beaches, sports grounds, or parks. The base comes with a bar to help installation.

Water Tank Base Options:

Choose from 15L/KG (2.15KG shipping weight), 20L/KG (3.15KG shipping weight), and 25L/KG (3.18KG shipping weight) Water Tank Bases, all equipped with a rotating spindle. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these bases are compatible with the entire range of feather banners. The 20L and 25L tanks feature wheels and can be fitted with rechargeable LED up lighters for added visibility.

Wall Mounted Bracket Base Options:

Sturdy Wall and Pole Mounted Brackets (0°, 25° & 90°) with a silver rotating spindle provide a secure display option for your banners outside shops or business premises, accommodating all sizes of feather banners.

Further Base Options:

  1. 10KG Concrete Bases: Neat and tidy, coated with a black plastic cover, these bases come with a rotating spindle and handle. Additional weight can be added by stacking another 10KG Concrete base, making them suitable for Mini, Small, and Medium feather banners.

  2. Foldable Tyre Base (2.25KG): Perfect for outdoor events, this base in black with a silver rotating spindle fits under a car tire, offering stability for all banner sizes.

  3. Chrome Base (1.78KG): A sleek indoor display option with a plain spindle, ideal for Mini or Small banner ranges.

  4. Flat 10KG and 15KG Base Plate: Professional and neat, these black bases with a silver rotating spindle are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing a stable platform for banners of various sizes.

  5. Tent Pole Mount Bracket (0.5KG): Adjustable angle spindle makes this bracket a quick and easy solution for festivals, concerts, or business locations, especially when paired with Mini and Small feather banners.

If you need more information or assistance in choosing the right base for your feather banner, contact us at +353 1 4753452 or via email at We're here to help you make the most informed decision for your display needs.

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Feather Banner Base Options

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